An Intro to Capon Springs

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Imagine you're here!

Picture yourself enjoying life as it was meant to be… relaxing at an all-inclusive secluded resort nestled in the majestic West Virginia mountains. Capon Springs’ rich history, healing water, delicious food, and long-standing traditions create that nostalgic feeling that many generations of guests have described as … coming home.


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Figure a budget

Planning for your Capon getaway is simple!  Our all-inclusive per-person rates cover lodging, three all-you-can-eat meals per day (and snacks too!), and a wide variety of programs and activities for guests of all ages. Prices for adults range from $119/night to $179/night. There is no charge for children under the age of 5, and prices for older children range from $39/night to $89/night.


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Understand the Magic

What truly makes Capon Springs different from other resorts are all the “extras” that you just won’t find anywhere else. Operated by multiple generations of the same family, you are welcomed into a warm and caring atmosphere where everything is based on the honor system.   The set-menu and meal times mean all you have to do is show up when the bell rings!

When was the last time you and your family had an opportunity to completely “unplug” and spend quality time together?  Now imagine how great it would be that as your Capon experience draws to a close, you actually feel completely relaxed, restored, and reenergized- and already dreaming about your return!


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Book Your Reservation

We make your reservation experience personal.  Since there are no “cookie-cutter” rooms, we take the time to find out what location would work best for your perfect vacation.  We look forward to having you with us anytime during the Capon Springs’ resort season, which begins in early May and runs through the beginning of November.

To get the digital conversation started, click the Request Your Room button below and fill out a reservation request form. Or call us directly to get more information at 304-874-3695.

Request Your Room Contact Us

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2021 Season ended Friday, Nov 5 2021 Stay and Play Safe

Our 2021 Safety Plan

Updated 10/12/21: All safety protocols listed below are in effect until further notice.

Our research into current best practices and state guidelines indicates that the 2021 season will very much resemble the Capon experience you know and love. We will be able to safely open all of our recreational and lodging facilities and most outdoor programs, tourneys and events, as long as we follow basic safety protocols, including:

  • Mandatory mask policy, regardless of vaccination status, for indoor public areas such as the Meeting House, Main House, Spa, Ping Pong houses, and Play House.  *Note to Groups/Conferences/Retreats~ Please contact us to discuss your specific meeting house gathering needs.
  • Recommended mask policy outdoors when breaking the 6′ barrier with other guests not in your family/friend “pod” including:  meals on the Hill, outdoor events (flag raising, bingo, bandstand music, outdoor movie, campfire), spectator recreational gatherings (badminton, shuffleboard, tourneys).
  • Regular hand washing with generous accessibility to hand sanitizer.


We promise to…

  • Assist you in rescheduling your visit if you have symptoms, have recently been exposed to COVID-19 or don’t yet feel comfortable coming.
  • Provide as much of the expected Capon magic as possible, making necessary tweaks and additional changes as time goes on and the situation continues to evolve.
  • Provide clear safety guidelines ahead of your stay that are also posted throughout the property and have staff remind guests of the guidelines when necessary (just like curfew and alcohol policies), especially to protect our significant vulnerable population of guests and co-workers.
  • Wear masks when indoors.
  • Provide masks upon request and plenty of opportunities for hand sanitation throughout the property, especially in high traffic areas like the Main House and Meeting House.
  • Be here for you.  If you need anything, we are here to help make your experience the best it can be.

We ask that you promise to…

  • Reschedule your stay if you are experiencing symptoms or have recently been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Educate yourself about the modified Capon experience.
  • Assume and accept the inherent level of risk with coming to a public gathering place.
  • Abide by our safety guidelines including but not limited to:
    • It is in the best interest of all to check that you are healthy before you start your trip.
    • Having a mask with you at all times and wear it when you enter indoor public spaces and be respectful of others not in your family when it is difficult to maintain physical distance at large gatherings, such as morning flag raisings, shuffleboard.
    • Washing your hands/using provided hand sanitizer regularly, especially after touching high touch point areas and when entering indoor public areas such as the Main House, Meeting House, Spa and Ping Pong houses.

Our 2021 Safety Plan

Reservations / Check-In & Check-Out

Important Information Regarding 2021 Reservation Requests:

While we anticipated there would be a lot of folks wanting to come back to Capon this year, we did not imagine the flood of calls and emails we have been experiencing almost nonstop since March.  We are thrilled so many people are interested in experiencing the magic of Capon!

However, due to the combination of this unusually high volume of requests along with a shortage of staff in most departments to manage being at full capacity, we are sold out for all October weekends.  We are taking reservations for weeknights.  We encourage you to check back with us for any last minute cancellations. 

For those of you wanting to request a reservation for the 2022 season, you can do so at any time. We will then be in touch with you to confirm later in the year.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we want you to know we are doing the very best we can under difficult and challenging circumstances.


  • Guaranteed room check-in is 4:00 pm, but check with us if you arrive earlier.  Often rooms are ready before the standard time.  Weekday room check-out is 12:30 pm, while Sunday mornings will be by 10:00 am.  (You can ask for a later checkout, which is available if your room is not taken back the same day.)
  • For those who were unable to come or who were moved to a different location in 2020, we ask that you let us know of your intentions to return in 2021 in order to reserve your regular room.
  • We ask that only one person in a group come to the front desk for check in.  We have discontinued the 2020 mandatory key service.  At check-in, guests can request a key for their stay.
  • Daily housekeeping service returns with making beds, fresh towels and trash pick up.  At check in, guests can decide not to receive this service.

Face Mask Usage


  • Face masks are required, regardless of vaccination status, when you go indoors in communal areas: Main House, Meeting House, Spa, Ping Pong houses, Play House.
  • Face masks are recommended when gathering outdoors when you are around people not in your family group and when you can not maintain 6’ distancing, including Sunset Lodge and large spectator events like the shuffleboard finals.


While we encourage everyone to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated, we do not ask for proof from either guests or staff.  Masks are required indoors regardless of vaccination status.  We are held a vaccination event at Capon on August 5 for our co-workers and the community.  The second dose for those who participated is scheduled for Sept 2nd.


A mask requirement is a safety standard that must be met to limit contact tracing and quarantine for our staff.  If a guest or co-worker receives a positive test while exposed to others on property, that could shut down a whole department, in effect the whole business, for at least 2 weeks.

IMPLEMENTATION:  When considering this new “house rule,” we ask that you put it in the same category as our alcohol policy.  Just like your favorite beverages are limited to your room or your porch, masks will be required in certain areas.  So in the scenario, if we see someone hanging out in the Main living room reading a book and not wearing a mask, we have no problem (and neither should any guest) politely reminding the person of the house rules.  While we don’t plan on having mask police going around looking for violations, we are empowering our staff and our guests with “See something, say something.”  As always, actual enforcement will be up to management to determine the actions required on a case-by-case basis.


  • Golf Course: Open with regular summer tourneys returning on Tuesdays and Friday mornings from late June to late August.
  • Spa: Open by appointment only with most services available, (no facials, nor couples massages); Masks worn at all times, including during massage.  Wellness room is open all the time for light exercise.  Detailed guidelines.
  • Pool: Open with no restrictions.
  • Recreation equipment will back out in the green boxes at the area of use, just as in previous years.  You are welcome to bring your own equipment as well as games.  Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the play areas.
  • All sports tourneys return in 2021.
  • Within, indoor communal areas, like the Meeting House, masks are required.
  • Ping pong houses are open with masks required during tourneys and self monitored occupancy.
  • Playground is open with self monitored occupancy.
  • Library is open with self monitored occupancy.
  • Kiddie corner and the Main game/card room are open with self monitored occupancy.
  • Kids Kamp and private childcare will be available from mid June to late August.
  • Summer evening entertainment modifications in 2020 that will continue: Wednesday Night Swim, Thursday Bingo on the Hill, Friday Outdoor Movie”, Saturday night campfire singalong permitted but masks and podding recommended.
  • Pigs returned to Hog Heaven around June 15.
  • Main Fish Pond restocked with trout both in the spring and fall, bamboo poles available for checkout with Capon bread as bait.


We have returned to pre-Covid dining arrangements with no limits on occupancy.  Carryout continues to be an option if you decide to take it for all meals, but you must still go through the buffet lines.

  • Over the busy weekends in October,  due to staffing shortages, all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), will be served buffet style (including desserts) at the regular times; breakfast 8:30-9:30am, Lunch 1-2pm Dinner 6-7pm with use of compostable plates when necessary.  Your regular family/friend group will be assigned tables based on your comfort level of whom can sit together.  Please contact us as to your preferences.  We are intending to return to regular table dining (non buffet) when the right combination of guest counts and proper staffing allow.
  • There will be very little change to the standard weekly menu.  We will still have the same 3 meals on the hill, Monday chicken BBQ, Wednesday salad/sandwich and Thursday steak/hamburgers/hot dogs, all served buffet style with open seating.
  • In the dining room, you will come in with a mask on through the usual entrance, take it off while you are eating, put it back on when you are not eating and when you leave. We ask that you not linger in the dining room any more than is necessary.
  • Snacks and coffee will provided at the usual times and locations.  Hand sanitizers will be available to use before serving yourself.  Please practice social distancing and not gather around the snack areas.
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