Experience a vacation retreat where you can completely relax and leave the outside world behind.

As our grandfather, Lou Austin,
co-founder of Capon Springs and Farms, used to say … once you’ve made your first trip to Capon, you are considered an old friend.

Come to a place where you, your family and friends can enjoy great food and outdoor fun while making lasting friendships.  Capon’s 19th century architecture and town square layout, combined with its camp-like informal atmosphere, creates the feeling that you have somehow stepped back in time to a quieter, gentler era.  Guests describe their visits to our all-inclusive mountain resort as coming home.

The days at Capon flow around family–style made-from-scratch meals, which begin with the ringing of the dinner bell.  In between meals, Capon offers plenty to do – golf, swimming, shuffleboard, badminton, tennis, hiking, fishing, reading, “porching”, relaxing at our spa or napping in one of our hammocks….

And nature’s gifts of woodlands and water provide the perfect setting… clean air, the night sky full of stars, the morning songs of the birds and the evening sounds of tree frogs and cicadas.  The spring water, known for centuries for its healing qualities, is fed to all the drinking fountains, kitchens, and guest buildings around the grounds – even to the outdoor pool and to our Hygeia Bath House and Spa.

We invite you to visit us and discover what generations of our regular guests already know – Capon Springs is one of the most special places on earth!