An Intro to Capon Springs

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Imagine you're here!

Picture yourself enjoying life as it was meant to be… relaxing at an all-inclusive secluded resort nestled in the majestic West Virginia mountains. Capon Springs’ rich history, healing water, delicious food, and long-standing traditions create that nostalgic feeling that many generations of guests have described as … coming home.


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Figure a budget

Planning for your Capon getaway is simple!  Our all-inclusive per-person rates cover lodging, three all-you-can-eat meals per day (and snacks too!), and a wide variety of programs and activities for guests of all ages. In, 2023, prices for adults ranged from $114/night to $207/night. There is no charge for children under the age of 5, and prices for older children range from $46/night to $101/night.


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Understand the Magic

What truly makes Capon Springs different from other resorts are all the “extras” that you just won’t find anywhere else. Operated by multiple generations of the same family, you are welcomed into a warm and caring atmosphere where everything is based on the honor system.   The set-menu and meal times mean all you have to do is show up when the bell rings!

When was the last time you and your family had an opportunity to completely “unplug” and spend quality time together?  Now imagine how great it would be that as your Capon experience draws to a close, you actually feel completely relaxed, restored, and reenergized- and already dreaming about your return!


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Book Your Reservation

We make your reservation experience personal.  Since there are no “cookie-cutter” rooms, we take the time to find out what location would work best for your perfect vacation.  We look forward to having you with us anytime during the Capon Springs’ resort season, which begins in early May and runs through the beginning of November.

To get the digital conversation started, click the Request Your Room button below and fill out a reservation request form. Or call us directly to get more information at 304-874-3695.

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NOTE: 2024 Opening Day is Thursday May 2nd! Current May/June Openings

Generations of Capon guests have debated the proper method for entering and enjoying the fresh spring water in Capon’s historic pool. While I don’t intend to provide the definitive ruling on “THE” best way, I would like to share my 30 years of near daily dawn dips. While this provided me with plenty of experience to test what works, there are many of you who have joined me who can certainly testify to the results.

To my way of thinking, an understanding of the Capon pool experience begins with an appreciation for its history. This year marks the 250th anniversary of Henry Frye’s “discovering” and subsequent sharing of the spring that set in motion our ability to enjoy it today. Although guests could enjoy the soaking in the Bath Pavilion in the 1850s, it wasn’t until the 1880 season that the pool was completed. Back then, guests had to pay 25 cents to enter what was billed as “the largest mineral pool in the United States”. A 1890s brochure quoted one bather: “A plunge in it has all the stimulating, exhilarating effects of champagne, without the evil effects of that fascinating beverage.” When our grandparents bought the property in 1932, they resurfaced the pool with concrete. As it was patched over the years, members of the Austin family, co-workers and friends started the tradition of etching their initials in the bottom. The kiddie pools were added in the mid to late 1930s. So a part of his daily ritual, our grandfather’s early morning trips to the pool continued up to a week before his passing in 1976.

Listen to any conversation about the Capon pool and you will first here mention of its most obvious property- its temperature.  Geologically classified as a warm spring, its 65 degree temperature as it reaches the surface is either described as “refreshing” or “freezing” depending on your constitution.  Here in lies the critical factor which determines the degree of effort guests put into whether the pool is a cherished or avoided part of their Capon stay.   And while 65 might be the starting figure, during the season it can fluctuate as much as 20 degrees depending on the air temperature.   If fact, when the sundeck was renovated in the early 1990s, the removing of trees had the unintended effect of increasing the average temperature of the pool. (So it has been “heated” over the years!)

All this explanation provides insight into the method behind the madness of this quirky ritual.  For you see, it is only by taking advantage of this lower than normal aquatic condition, that one can receive the full benefit of its restorative effects.  So, patient reader, here is my prescriptive formula for maximum success:

Take a really hot shower- at least 5 minutes
(To open pores and bring body temperature up)

Dive or jump right in, no gradual process
(To close pores rapidly to excrete toxins from skin)

Swim and move about for at least 3-5 minutes
(To keep blood flowing and body temp up)

Hang out as long as you can- meditate, visit with family and friends
(To ease the mind and socialize)

Get a back massage in the spray
(To relax neck, shoulders and lower back)

Take one last underwater plunge
(To see pure spring water with no chemicals to the eyes)

Repeat as often as necessary
(Once is usually enough, but up to three may be warranted)

Optional finish with hot shower
(In spring and fall when outside air keeps body temp low)

So what are the benefits of this pool dipping drama?

Cleans your skin letting it feel smooth and soft

Soothes sore muscles like a gentle massage
Restores energy and vigor to face the day with confidence and courage
Awe from your family and friends who have yet to understand its power.

For me personally, my pool dipping experiences have provided a connection with both my immediate ancestors and the history of healing that predates our family.  It has aided in the recovery of any number of running related ailments and just as importantly served as a “reboot button” to my overall operating system.  To all of you who all ready know of what I speak, I say: “Polar bears rule!”  To all those yet to be converted, I say: “A whole new world of body, mind and spirit healing awaits.  So dive right in!”

That is all,
3rd Generation Capon Family Member
Marketing and Recreation Manager

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