An Intro to Capon Springs

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Imagine you're here!

Picture yourself enjoying life as it was meant to be… relaxing at an all-inclusive secluded resort nestled in the majestic West Virginia mountains. Capon Springs’ rich history, healing water, delicious food, and long-standing traditions create that nostalgic feeling that many generations of guests have described as … coming home.


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Figure a budget

Planning for your Capon getaway is simple!  Our all-inclusive per-person rates cover lodging, three all-you-can-eat meals per day (and snacks too!), and a wide variety of programs and activities for guests of all ages. In, 2023, prices for adults ranged from $114/night to $207/night. There is no charge for children under the age of 5, and prices for older children range from $46/night to $101/night.


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Understand the Magic

What truly makes Capon Springs different from other resorts are all the “extras” that you just won’t find anywhere else. Operated by multiple generations of the same family, you are welcomed into a warm and caring atmosphere where everything is based on the honor system.   The set-menu and meal times mean all you have to do is show up when the bell rings!

When was the last time you and your family had an opportunity to completely “unplug” and spend quality time together?  Now imagine how great it would be that as your Capon experience draws to a close, you actually feel completely relaxed, restored, and reenergized- and already dreaming about your return!


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Book Your Reservation

We make your reservation experience personal.  Since there are no “cookie-cutter” rooms, we take the time to find out what location would work best for your perfect vacation.  We look forward to having you with us anytime during the Capon Springs’ resort season, which begins in early May and runs through the beginning of November.

To get the digital conversation started, click the Request Your Room button below and fill out a reservation request form. Or call us directly to get more information at 304-874-3695.

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NOTE: 2024 Opening Day is Thursday May 2nd! Current May/June Openings

The Fairfax Cottage, initially called the Waddle House, served as a hotel, general’s headquarters, and residence for the Waddle family during the 1800’s. After proprietor Captain William Sale purchased the land, including the cottage itself, he had the building enlarged and added a third floor. During Sale’s era as proprietor, the former Waddle House was known as the Nelson Cottage and later, the Hygeia House, after the Greek goddess of health due to its proximity to the Capon Spring. (This is where the name for the brand new Hygeia Bath House and Spa comes from.)

In the early 1930’s, George Zimmerman, the engineer hired by Lou Austin to survey the property he had just purchased, thought that the eastern part of the building was too dilapidated to save, as the foundation had settled. Lou Austin instead decided to fix up the house for guest use, knowing that his maintenance crews would be able to work their magic once again. In the early 1970’s second generation Austin managers decided that the Fairfax needed a large-scale makeover.

From 1970-1973, Capon crews worked on the Fairfax. They jacked up the building and installed a concrete block foundation. A fire tower with stair access to each floor was built, moving the main entrance to the rear of the building. Workers altered room partitions, allowing for the addition of two rooms, bringing the total to seventeen. Modern bathrooms and baseboard heat were added. The old linoleum floor coverings gave way to carpet, and louvered doors allowed more light into the building. The seventeen rooms, each with private bath, vary in size and layout and can accommodate two to five people each.

The expansive front porches on all three floors make great social gathering spots while watching a spirited volleyball game or kids playing in the creek.

Guest Reviews

“The Fairfax was the go-to cottage when I grew up coming to Capon with my family. It’s one of the largest buildings and sits beautifully tucked up against the mountainside, providing some seclusion, as well as spacious rooms. There are also some joined suits here, again good for family travelers. The creek runs right in front of the building and provides further peace and relaxation.” – Steve G., Washington, DC

“For many, many years my parents, then after my Father died, my mother stayed in Room #3 of the Fairfax. I always stayed in Room #4. After my Mother died in 2002, my husband and I “moved up” to Room #3, which is a large room with space for a cot if needed. The porch is a great place for before dinner drinks and even parties. I have been going to Capon for 66 years and no other place is quite like it.” – Penny S., New Bern, NC


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Stay in one of our 14 wonderful, unique cottages with a variety of accommodations within each one.

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