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Time sure flies when you are having fun!  After 43 years, Veterans Day is my final weekend behind the front desk here at Capon.  To say my last season has been very special and meaningful is an understatement.  I have received so many hugs and well wishes that I can put most of them in reserve for the rest of my life!

Capon is beginning a new day, with younger, more energetic minds ready, willing and able to not only take over our responsibilities, but hopefully add some nuances to your experiences here.  Many of you are concerned that “things won’t be the same”, but that can be turned into a positive, if handled properly and with all of you in mind.

Courtney, who is taking over for me, has really gone above and beyond in her efforts to learn how we do things here in reservations.  Her assignment is no less than overwhelming, when you consider that she is stepping into a role that I have held for more than forty years.  So I would ask for your understanding as she works through this whole process.  My plans are to continue here at Capon until around the beginning of March, so that Courtney will be well prepared for her first season in charge.

As many of you learned recently, Courtney’s brother Brian will be assuming the role of Operations Manager at Capon, beginning with the 2019 season.  Brian has both the knowledge and motivation to help move Capon in a positive direction for many years to come.  Both Brian and Courtney share a love for Capon that was inspired by their grandfather, John Brill.

So the most common question that has been asked of me in the last 7 months is, “Will we see you at Capon next season?”   That would be the plan.  Patty and my intentions are to visit regularly, since we are just a mile up the road.   I hope to resume my golf game, visit with many of you around the grounds or on your porch, and maybe even help out with some of the summer activities.  Patty and I will continue to immerse ourselves in the local community through Lions Club and Neighbor to Neighbor projects.  And I plan to stay active in my role as president of the John W. Brill Memorial Foundation.

And of course, we would welcome a knock on our door at any time.  You can meet Jabez, Sydney, Daisy and Pumpkin Patch, although the younger two cats will surely find good hiding places before you even enter the house!  We can visit with you on our porch and you can enjoy taking a look at my bottle collection that has been years in the making!   So this is not really goodbye per se, but more of an opportunity to get to know all of you in a whole new light.  You have made my life truly special.

In closing, I would ask each of you to treat your neighbors, your friends and anyone you come in contact with decency, civility and respect.  These are the time-honored principles that my grandparents first established here at Capon when they purchased it in 1932.  Please do what you can to help carry on this meaningful tradition!

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season!



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