An Intro to Capon Springs

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Imagine you're here!

Picture yourself enjoying life as it was meant to be… relaxing at an all-inclusive secluded resort nestled in the majestic West Virginia mountains. Capon Springs’ rich history, healing water, delicious food, and long-standing traditions create that nostalgic feeling that many generations of guests have described as … coming home.


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Figure a budget

Planning for your Capon getaway is simple!  Our all-inclusive per-person rates cover lodging, three all-you-can-eat meals per day (and snacks too!), and a wide variety of programs and activities for guests of all ages. In, 2023, prices for adults ranged from $114/night to $207/night. There is no charge for children under the age of 5, and prices for older children range from $46/night to $101/night.


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Understand the Magic

What truly makes Capon Springs different from other resorts are all the “extras” that you just won’t find anywhere else. Operated by multiple generations of the same family, you are welcomed into a warm and caring atmosphere where everything is based on the honor system.   The set-menu and meal times mean all you have to do is show up when the bell rings!

When was the last time you and your family had an opportunity to completely “unplug” and spend quality time together?  Now imagine how great it would be that as your Capon experience draws to a close, you actually feel completely relaxed, restored, and reenergized- and already dreaming about your return!


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An Intro to Capon Springs

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Book Your Reservation

We make your reservation experience personal.  Since there are no “cookie-cutter” rooms, we take the time to find out what location would work best for your perfect vacation.  We look forward to having you with us anytime during the Capon Springs’ resort season, which begins in early May and runs through the beginning of November.

To get the digital conversation started, click the Request Your Room button below and fill out a reservation request form. Or call us directly to get more information at 304-874-3695.

Request Your Room Contact Us

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The 2024 Season runs May 2 through Nov 2 June and July Openings

Jonathan Bellingham, Director of Guest Relations

Background: I grew up an Air Force brat and preacher’s kid as my early experiences of Capon was visiting this magical place to see my family for a week or two during the summer.  In the late 1980s, when the second generation retired , a call was made for any interested thirds to consider working at Capon.  After working a few summers while in college, I decided to try it as I figured out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  The first few years I was in charge of housekeeping and laundry, while also running the recreational activities.  Later in the 1990s, I shifted into marketing and recreation as we developed more ways to introduce new people as well as expand programs.  Eventually, my third-generation family members retired.  As my role of hosting and general responsibilities increased, I was elevated into a new position as Director of Guest Services.

What do you love most about Capon?

The rhythm of the days, weeks, cycle of meals, activities, arrivals and departures provide a comforting background to work and play.   But what I love most is the warmth of friendships reconnecting through welcoming hugs, porch conversations and relaxing visits.

What motivates/inspires you?

My grandparents dream passing through me to my children’s future.

Favorite spot at Capon?

The swimming pool dip before breakfast to start the day and dinner on the hill with sunset to end the day.

Fun Facts about Jonathan:

I have traveled independently to some out of the way places like Eastern Europe before the fall of the Berlin wall; hidden Mayan ruins in southern Mexico, caves at the headwaters of the Amazon River in Ecuador, 100k race around Odessa, Ukraine and sailing in the Strait of Hormuz between Oman and Iran. -I am a 2nd generation reflexologist and wedding officiant.-I competed in the 1500m track race in the Senior Olympics in 2012, finishing 7th in the country for my age group.

Margy Wirtz-Henry, Front Desk Manager

I started coming to Capon with extended family in 1974.  We formerly came the 4th week of August and then moved to 2nd week of August when I was around the age of 12.  Now I come with my sister in May and October.  I moved to Yellow Spring on June 30, 2021 to Tannery Farm, which my grandparents purchased in 1968 after falling in love with the area when coming as Capon guests since the 1940s. I was formerly the Director of Physical Education and Student Support for the Department of Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport Studies at University of Tennessee.  I married to Scott Henry, who recently started part-time at Capon with the golf course crew.

What do you love most about Capon?
The beauty of nature and how close you feel to God here.  And Saturday lunch. 🙂

What motivates/inspires you?
Helping people and making connections; nature and being outside; hard work and then time off.

Favorite spot at Capon?
The sun deck at the pool.

3 fun facts about you.
-I would rather be outside than inside.
-I love to make up alternate words to songs.
-I love the ocean and should probably be dead by now considering the number of times I was tumbled by a wave as a kid.

Alicia LaFollette, Spa Manager

Background: I grew up in Winchester, Virginia and moved to Capon Springs when I married Roland LaFollette (son of front desk receptionist Ruby) in 1987.  While I am not a native of West Virginia, my ancestors helped settle the Capon Bridge area in the 1700’s.  After moving to Capon Springs, I started working at the resort in the laundry.   My life took a big detour when I was offered a job with the United States Postal Service at the local Capon Springs Post Office.  Eventually, I became Postmaster and continued working there until a year after my first child was born.  Because I wanted to devote more time to my family, I resigned from the post office in 1997 and spent the next ten years raising my two children.  In 2007, Ginny Brill asked if I would be interested in coming to work at the Hygeia Bath House and Spa.  Thanks to the flexibility she offered, I accepted.  I am happy to find myself at Capon again and I hope to be here for many more years.

What do you love most about Capon?
I love the timeless and enduring quality of Capon.  I work with an amazing group of people who make everyday a great workday.

What motivates/inspires you?
My faith, family and laughter

Favorite spot at Capon?
The back porch at the spa (the hummingbirds are mesmerizing), and the golf course because of the beautiful views.

Fun Facts about Alicia:
-I love to knit.
-I share my home with two dogs, three cats and a gecko.
-I am the happiest when I am reading a good book with a cat sleeping on my lap.

Serena Cline, Human Resource Manager

Background: I am a native of Wardensville, WV and second generation of my family to work at Capon. My mother, Geraldine, worked in the back kitchen for 29 years. My sister, Valerie, has also worked at Capon and my nephew, Noah, currently works in recreation. I first worked for Capon in 1985 as a play-ground attendant and kitchen helper, and later as a lifeguard. After graduating college at Marshall University, I worked for the local newspaper, The Moorefield Examiner, and then spent almost twenty years working for the state of West Virginia. In 2015 I began working weekends at the front desk with Tom. I always referred to Capon as my “fun” job. In June 2020 I came onboard full time as the Human Resources Manager.

What do you love most about Capon: I love the family feel and laid back nature of Capon. I’m blessed to work with the greatest co-workers in such a beautiful setting.

What motivates/inspires you: I am motivated by the dedicated co-workers at Capon Springs. I am inspired by seeing the hard work and commitment that our co-workers put in each day, and I want Capon to be just as great a place to work as it is to visit.

Favorite spot at Capon: Without a doubt…the Bake Shop! My nose just leads me to the mouthwatering aromas coming from the bake shop. I joke with the ladies in the bake shop that I am going to move my desk in there. Also, the brick oven is amazing, and I just love seeing the whole process that creates Capon’s delicious desserts, especially the ginger cookies.

Fun Facts about Serena:

-I am a huge football fan and lifelong Dallas Cowboy fan (Can you believe Tom ever hired me?!).
-My favorite exercise is kickboxing though I do not do it often enough.
-I am a crazy cat lady. I have three fur babies Peanut, Holly and Bruce.

General Manager, Liz Saylor

Background:  I attribute my adventurous spirit and work ethic to my upbringing. With my father an officer in the Army, my brother and I were uprooted frequently to meet new people and live and play in different parts of the country. WV is now the 7th state that I have called home.  Being fascinated with the how’s and why’s of people and the world, I studied Philosophy and Biology in college, while playing softball and facilitating outdoor education trips. I currently reside in Wardensville, WV with my husband Toby, enjoying the adventures of parenthood with our three kids: Gabby (13), Connor (10), and Tussey (our English lab).  In my professional career, I stepped into leadership roles early on.  During the last 15 years, I have served as the Education Director at a residential program for adjudicated youth, the Director of Lab Services of an analytical chemistry lab, and most recently as the Executive Director of a start-up outdoor lodging and retreat center.

What drew you to Capon and the General Manager position?

I have a strong interest in work culture and operations. I think the number #1 thing that drew me to Capon was the welcoming attitude of the folks I met through the interview process and sense of community that I felt. I am looking forward to utilizing my experiences and skills to build on the strong foundation that exists while honoring the traditions of Capon.  I am excited to witness the magic of Capon as it comes alive with guests this season.

What motivates and inspires you?

In my professional life, I am motivated by facilitating and witnessing growth in individuals and teams.  I enjoy looking at challenges from different angles and collaborating with others to overcome obstacles and achieve success, which I believe can only happen through developing and maintaining a positive work culture.

Three fun facts about Liz:

1) I enjoy all things outdoors- mushroom hunting, paddling, hiking, fishing, hunting, campfire cooking, and exploring.

2) I am super competitive. At the age of 38, I am slowly coming to terms with the fact I am often wrong and sometimes lose.

3) I love spontaneous road trips, putting together puzzles, and spending time in the kitchen.

Sam Brill, Facilities and Land Manager

Sam represents the only 4th generation of Austin Family member currently working full time at Capon.  While farming is his passion, when the businesses needed someone to step into a leadership role to ensure the historic property continues to be sustained and improved, Sam agreed to manage those operations.  Over the last few years, he has assembled a talented crew of dedicated workers to ensure the property is taken care of for generations to come.  On Monday nights during the summer, Sam can be found driving the tractor that pulls the hayrides.

Vicki Smith, Housekeeping Manager

Background: Vicki brings a lifetime of Capon experience to her daily duties.  Many guests, especially those who stay in the Pavilion, have gotten to know Vicki  over the years. Vicki started working at Capon in the mid 1970s at River Meadow Farm in Yellow Spring, close to where she grew up.  She picked strawberries and vegetables for several years before coming up to work at the hotel.  She has served in many capacities including back kitchen, rooms and night office duty.

Favorite part of working at Capon: Definitely the people I work with who have become a second family.  I’ve learned so much from them and appreciate their strong work ethic and respect for one another. Also seeing the familiar faces of the guests that return every year.  They take the time to ask me about how I’m doing and about my family.  You can’t find anywhere else with that kind of caring for people.

What motivates you?  Spending time with family.  Making memories with them is what life is all about.

Favorite spot at Capon: Sunset lodge.  The scenery is beautiful and it is such a wonderful gathering place for meals- the aromas from the food grilling is amazing!

Fun Facts about Vicki:
-I have two daughters, four grandsons and a granddaughter. I enjoy doing activities with them whenever possible.
-I like mystery TV shows- am an Investigation Discovery channel addict!
-My husband, Rick, is the manager of Camp Rim Rock, a nearby girls summer camp.


Day Dettinburn, Food Services Manager

Hi- I’m Day Dettinburn!  I joined the Capon Co-worker team for the 2022 season as the Kitchen Supervisor.  At the end of the season, I was promoted to the position of Food Services Manager, in charge of all kitchen operations.  This winter I have been busy going through the Capon cookbook, trying recipes at home and consulting with Carolyn Budnyk, Ginny Brill and past kitchen workers on menus and operations.  I’m excited about taking this knowledge and building a strong food service team to make the 2023 season the best it can be. 


I grew up running wild and free in the outdoors.  Summers were spent watching what my mom and grandma can produce that was grown in our gardens. (That is most likely where my love of cooking came from. ) I moved to Hardy County over 20 years ago.  I worked for several years as a chef where I had the privilege of enhancing the special events of people from all over the world.  I took a break from that to raise my son. I live with my best friend and partner in crime, Carlos and my son Albert.    

Favorite Capon things:

The thing I love the most about Capon is the people I work with.  There is genuine love and caring among the staff.  Even when we are working hard, we still manage to laugh and carry on.  They are all hard working and dedicated to Capon.   I am motivated by the desire to be the best version of myself.  There are always new things to learn and discover that help me to grow as a person.    

I have 2 favorite spots at Capon.  Sunset lodge is the obvious answer.  The other is the Apple Butter House.   

3 Fun Facts 

I am the happiest when I am at least 5 miles in the backcountry living out of a backpack.     

I love going to the ocean with my son. 

I am always up for an adventure! 


Kayla Quarles, Dining Room Manager

Hi I’m Kayla and I’m the Dining Room Manager here at Capon! I returned back to Capon for the 2023 season and have been here since I was 15. Capon has always been a part of my life.
I remember coming here as a child and visiting my grandmother Dorothy while she was working and playing on the playground.

Favorite Capon Things:

I love when you can see all the parts coming together and working together. A lot of departments have to work together to be successful here and I love seeing the teamwork.

My favorite Capon spots are laying in the hammock in front of the pool and Sunset Lodge.

3 Fun Facts:

I love reading. My book collection is always expanding.

Always down for an iced coffee.

I have a special bond with the time of 10:11.


Martin Norman, Accountant

Background: I have always been a mountain person trapped in a beach person’s
life…you’re either a mountain person or a beach person. No one ever says, “I want to live
in the flatlands surrounded by cows and tornadoes for the rest of my life” and since
Famke Janssen won’t return my phone calls, I decided to treat myself to my dream of
living in the mountains. I made the move from Florida to West Virginia in April 2023 to
take on the accountant position at Capon Springs and Farms. As the resident “Bean
Counter” for the resort I handle the accounting and bookkeeping duties. I have a B.S. in
accounting from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights) and a Masters of
Accounting, M.Acc, from the University of Florida.
What do you love most about Capon: After working in the corporate world for over 30
years I wanted to find a place to be part of a work family and I believe I’ve found it here at
What motivates/inspires you: I am continually inspired by the view from my back yard. I
love the calm and peacefulness here.
Favorite spot at Capon: When not serving in my official capacity you might find me calling
bingo. It’s a chance for me to get to know Capon’s guests and besides it’s the only time
they’ll let me out of my office.
Fun Facts about Martin:
-I am a huge Atlanta Braves baseball fan
-I love 1980s music.
-I have been owned by my cat Ricky for five years now

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